See every atom | Design breakthrough materials

Introducing the Atom Microscope by Projection.

For the first time, every atom in a material can be imaged -- 3D position and element identity.
Seeing every atom is seeing a material's 'DNA', and it presents an opportunity: sequence it, decode it, redisigned it.

ÅTOMNAUT provides imaging, analysis and design services.
Example materials:
- silicon transistors
- high-strength steels
- nanowires
- quantum dots
- tungsten alloys for fusion or aerospace
- nanostructured light & strong aluminum alloys


Every atom. The 3D position and element identity. The 'DNA' of a material.


Quantifying structure and chemistry, deciphering how they control properties (strength, superconductivity..).


Computer design of patentable materials and manufacturing processes from sequenced data.

"We are rapidly approaching the point at which a few atoms out of place can ruin a device."

Castell, M. R., Muller, D. A. & Voyles, P. M. Dopant mapping for the nanotechnology age. Nature Materials 2, 129-131, 2003.

World's highest resolution
3D microscope

100x resolution improvement.

ABOVE: Side-view of a 3D atom map of steel (Fe-3Cu at.%).
3D xyz resolution for:
- conventional atom probe: 0.2*0.2*0.06 = 0.0024 nm3
- new atom microscope: 0.03*0.03*0.03 = 0.000027 nm3

Next generation materials engineering begins with a next generation microscope.

Think big
Energy and infrastructure for 8 billion people, space flight to Mars, single atom quantum computing chips.
Think small
Materials DNA: Sequence - decode - design.

Think small
to think big™



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